🔗 Wells, R. B. (2016). Carmichael Subdivision Irrigation Handbook. 🔗

This handbook is written to assist the Board of the Carmichael Homeowners' Association and the Board-appointed water master in making decisions about managing Carmichael's annual water ordering and the management of the Carmichael irrigation system. It focuses on technical aspects of the irrigation system. It provides useful formulas for doing various types of calculations needed for monitoring and managing the technical aspects of the irrigation system. It is divided into sections detailing the overview of the system, management practices, detailed aspects of its subsystems, techniques for estimating water usage, common problems that occur, and useful formulas for quantitatively analyzing the system. (October 1, 2016)

🔗 MacPherson, Q. (2008). The Potentially Useful Effects of Contrast Enhancement for ART Resonators. 🔗

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